Industrial Refrigeration

Specializing in service and repair of heavy industrial refrigeration systems since our inception in 1990, Diversified Thermal Services is your premier solutions provider for all industrial refrigeration applications from small ice machines and walk-in freezers, to low temp cascade refrigeration systems and ice rinks.


All-Encompassing Versatility

We offer all inclusive Industrial Refrigeration services, positioning ourselves as a unique mechanical contractor with capabilities and service offerings that go beyond the scope of a typical HVAC contractor.

These services include but are not limited to 24/7/365 Emergency Service, comprehensive Preventative Maintenance programs, piping and equipment retrofit and new system design.

With 26 years of service and retrofit of refrigeration applications ranging from cold storage, and food ripening facilties to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals, we have the extensive experience and systems knowledge to handle any industrial refrigeration project.


Our Industrial Refrigeration services include but are not limited to:

Medium and Low Temp Food Processing Systems
Industrial Process Cooling
Plastic Blow Mold Cooling Systems
Specialty Low Temperature Cascade Refrigeration Systems
Medium and Low Temp Cold Storage
Ripening Refrigeration Systems
Ice Rinks

Industrial Process Cooling and Cold Storage Refrigeration

Diversified Thermal has continued and extensive experience with the maintenance, emergency service and installation of numerous cold storage, banana ripening and plastics blow mold refrigeration systems at numerous facilities throughout Southern California.

Low Temperature Cascade Refrigeration

Diversified Thermal currently services and maintains ultra low temperature cascade refrigeration systems in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries in Southern California and the Western United States.

Ice Rinks

Diversified Thermal has and continues to design, install and service ice rinks throughout California, the Western United States and Internationally, including but not limited to NHL facilities, Training facilities, portable rinks and outdoor rinks.