From new design and construction to unit replacements, system retrofits and tenant improvement, our construction and retrofit is well equipped with experienced mechanics and technicians to provide our customers with any product or solution they need.


Clean. Professional.

Our diversely skilled field technicians provide turnkey new construction as well as existing system retro-fit.

Staffed with a management team of industry experienced former field technicians, our construction and retro-fit is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to design, engineer and install and retro-fit systems of all sizes and complexities in the most efficient, clean and effective way possible.

We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our construction installations no matter the scope, scale or visibility of our work.


Our Construction & Retro-Fit specializes in the design, replacement and installation of a multitude of systems and equipment including but not limited to:

Refrigeration, Process Cooling, Chilled and Hot Water Piping
Ice Rink Mechanical Room and Floor Turnkey Installation and Retro-Fit
Comfort Cooling Tenant Improvement. New Installation and Retro-fit
Server Room and Data Center HVAC Systems
Hospital OSHPD Projects
Large Tonnage Packaged Equipment and Built Up Systems
Small Capacity Packaged Equipment and Split Systems
Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation

Large Tonnage Package Equipment and Built Up Systems

Diversified Thermal proudly promotes our qualification as a Southern California Edison Early Retirement approved contractor. Our technical abilities to upgrade and adapt to existing systems of all capacities combined with our partnership with SCE has provided our customers with significant savings in the upgrade and retro-fit of their existing HVAC/R systems.

Hospital OSHPD Projects

Diversified Thermal performs OSHPD regulated new construction and retro-fit projects for numerous medical facilities and hospitals throughout Southern California. We pride ourselves on delivering these projects on time and in most cases below engineer’s estimated budgets.

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation

Diversified Thermal is a signatory contractor to Local 105 Sheet Metal Union and employs numerous full time Local 105 sheet metal professionals. All of our sheet metal projects, large and small, retro-fit, tenant improvement, or new construction are performed in house by our qualified full time sheet metal workers.