Equipped with the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry, our team of specialists can build or retro-fit your infrastructure for a smarter, more efficient building. We utilize open protocol solutions that can seamlessly integrate into all of your building’s systems.



Our Building Automation team is comprised of industry leading installers, programmers and energy-efficiency specialists with expertise in a wide range of commercial and industrial automation applications.

From lighting and card access control to full central plant HVAC automation, Diversified Thermal Services specializes in the design of new systems and retrofit of existing systems to give building owners and tenants custom, efficient and effective solutions across all industry applications.

Through constant delivery of a top quality product coupled with unparalleled customer service, Diversified Thermal has positioned itself as the premier controls and automation provider in the Greater Southern California Region most notably in the high rises of Downtown Los Angeles.


Our Building Automation services include but are not limited to:

Energy Efficiency Auditing and Programming
Comprehensive Reporting and Archiving
Control System Design
Central Plant Optimization
Automated Demand Response Services (ADR)
Fault Detection and Analytics
Retro Commissioning
Control System Optimization
System Integration Across a Multitude of Platforms
Energy Reporting and Dashboards

System Integration

Diversified Thermal’s experienced specialists are factory trained on multiple DDC control platforms enabling seamless integration of all your facility management systems regardless of manufacturer. Our experts normalize data from various protocol solutions and repackage the information into a single seat or enterprise-wide web based graphical user interface, allowing for monitoring and control. Keep your existing infrastructure intact while upgrading your facility control experience.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Diversified Thermal’s FDD services ensure increased efficiency in your facilities through on demand and live data that is visualized to enhance greater control and optimization of your systems. Our solutions improve indoor environmental quality, reduce energy spend, reduce peak demand usage and provide sustainability for our client’s assets.

Control System Optimization

Diversified Thermal’s dedicated staff will evaluate you facility from a holistic approach and deploy strategic load based algorithims that optimize your systems to operate efficiently. Our staff will perform commissioning of Air and Water systems ensuring optimal operation regardless of season.